Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Below the surface

Recently there has been a lot of research going on about the grounds and how they have changed over time. The hot weather has highlighted these changes in what I think is quite an unexpected way; i noticed it first in the car park, which was once upon a time the kitchen garden. There are yellow lines which indicate where the glass houses used to be in the early 1900's.
An ordnance survey map dating from 1903. Montacute House is to the centre right, and the glasshouses are circled in red.

Foundations of glasshouses in the car park
There also used to be a second East Court, beyond the one that still exists today; this would also have been walled, and contained fruit trees, and what we think was a large gate house.
beyond the East Court, you can make out where the second East Court once was,  and where the original drive was leading up to the front of the house.

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